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Why Your Company Needs to Order OSHA Medical Office Ultra™

Unlike larger healthcare facilities such as hospitals, smaller healthcare practices have unique needs when it comes to protecting their healthcare workers. OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ addresses these differences and teaches your employees how to perform their daily tasks more safely through highly targeted information. Each of your employees will recognize where occupational risk resides in the medical office and modify their behavior to avoid such hazards. Smaller practices have several concerns not associated with larger healthcare facilities, namely, their challenge to reorganize their personnel in the event of an injury and assuming the burden of costs directly linked to occupational injuries such as treating an injured employee and costly OSHA fines. OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ arms your practice with comprehensive information casted in an easily understood format so each employee will apply universal precautions and work practice controls more regularly. It’s easy to understand why most smaller healthcare facilities have avoided constructing a thorough bloodborne pathogen training program – they simply don’t have the time or resources. Let OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ do the work for you by providing the most recent OSHA regulations and science relevant to medical office settings.

Order OSHA Medical Office Ultra™:
While considering other products on the market, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Am I buying from a company who has distinguished itself as “The Nation’s 1st & Only Healthcare Compliance Training Company Reducing Healthcare Workers’ Risk Through Extensive Bloodborne Research” like OSHA Optics, LLC?

  • Am I buying a training program which is primarily based on the recitation of OSHA law or does my practice prefer an OSHA compliance program which synthesizes OSHA law with the latest medical surveillance of reported injuries and statistics like OSHA Optics, LLC?

  • Am I buying from a company who clearly articulates their training program as “visually compelling” to ensure greater comprehension like OSHA Optics, LLC?

  • Am I buying a training program based on the experience of an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years in medicine and has pioneered employee health programs like OSHA Optics, LLC?

  • Am I buying a training program specifically designed to change my healthcare workers’ behavior to reduce/eliminate occupational injuries while meeting OSHA’s mandated initial and annual training mandates like OSHA Optics, LLC?

Medical Office Education and Training Tips:

Personnel are more likely to comply with an infection-control program and exposure-control plan if they understand its rationale. Clearly written policies, procedures, and guidelines can help ensure consistency, efficiency, and effective coordination of activities. Personnel subject to occupational exposure should receive infection-control training on initial assignment, when new tasks or procedures affect their occupational exposure, and at a minimum, annually. Education and training should be appropriate to the assigned duties of specific healthcare worker (e.g., techniques to prevent cross-contamination or instrument sterilization). For healthcare workers who perform tasks or procedures likely to result in occupational exposure to infectious agents, training should include:

  1.   a description of their exposure risks

  2.  a review of prevention strategies and infection-control policies and procedures

  3.  a discussion regarding how to manage work-related illness and injuries, including post-exposure prophylaxis

  4.  a review of work restrictions for the exposure or infection

Inclusion of healthcare workers with minimal exposure risks (e.g., administrative employees) in education and training programs might enhance facility-wide understanding of infection-control principles and the importance of the program. Educational materials should be appropriate in content and vocabulary for each person's educational level, literacy, and language, as well as be consistent with existing federal, state, and local regulations.

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