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OSHA Optics encourages you to provide us with your "site specific" information to incorporate into our existing training programs. Tell us who's in charge of OSHA compliance at your facility, where you house your written exposure control plans and what your employees are required to do in the event of Blood & Body Fluid and Needlestick & Sharp Object exposures and injuries. Please call 1-877-Med-OSHA for your free quotation today!

About OSHA Medical Office Ultra™:
OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ is specifically designed for smaller healthcare practices and includes information unique to such environments. Your employees will learn how to recognize avoidable hazards which may influence the productivity and profitability of your practices. Each slide within this program addresses the concerns of medical office safety and provides a "road map" to installing occupational safeguards, protecting both the employee and employer. OSHA Optics, LLC, utilizing our proprietary research methodologies, incorporates OSHA regulations and statistics of reported injuries within small healthcare practices to reduce/eliminate the possibility of bloodborne pathogen transmission singularly associated with medical offices.

Although workers & employers in medical offices may erroneously believe that they are at low occupational risk because they rarely observe percutaneous injuries. Such a viewpoint has been reflected in arguments of small practices seeking exemption from safety regulations or laws because there were few or no recent injuries in their facilities. However, this perspective overlooks the fact that the true risk of exposure in medical offices or outpatient settings is not determined by the number of injuries per practice, but rather by the injury rate per device or per at-risk procedure preformed. OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ teaches "safety best practices" to keep your operation running smoothly by minimizing/eliminating occupational injuries which may be avoided.

The science is clear. Employees who are taught to perform their tasks by exercising universal precautions and work practice controls, reduce the likelihood of falling victim to blood and body fluid exposures & needlestick and sharp object injuries. OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ will change how your employees approach their jobs and modify their behavior to enact safer practices which not only ensures employee health but, directly impacts the profitability of your small practice."

As with all our OSHA healthcare compliance training programs, OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ can be administered through the traditional means of utilizing an instructor to deliver our information or it can be administered as a "self-study" program where each employee can learn at their own pace. Please note: using our program in the self-study mode does not require purchasing Microsoft PowerPoint™.

OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ PowerPoint System Includes:

  • CD disk containing 70+ slides of OSHA's most recent Bloodborne Pathogens Laws & extensive bloodborne pathogens injury data
  • Instructions on installing OSHA Medical Office Ultra™
  • Instructor Training Notes
  • Instructor Reference Material
  • OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ Objectives
  • OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ Quiz
  • OSHA Medical Office Ultra™ Quiz Answer Sheet
  • Training Certificates
  • Employee Training Acknowledgement Form
  • Instructor Evaluation Form
  • Supplemental Hand-Out Material

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